Monday, November 3, 2014

An insight in top Headhunting firms in India

The job profile of the  top headhunting firms in India is to use their team of experts to find an individual who is considered hard to find. Such individuals possess certain skills which are considered rare due to which these individuals are high in demand. The top executive search firms in India establish connection with these candidates and provide their services to their client firms. Let's delve deeper into the topic of headhunting.
 top headhunting firms in India
Headhunting: Meaning
Under the headhunting projects, the Executive search firms define the job profile which needs to be filled, then prepares a target list of the companies as well as the desired individuals. To take further the process of the leadership hiring, the companies contact these consultants by taking into consideration their network.
 leadership hiring
Headhunting: Who is hunted?
This process is used for hiring senior and top management job positions. The individuals who are tagged as specialized and technical personnel are recruited through this process. These individuals are those qualified persons who are handful in number. It starts with a valid assessment of the role as well as market analysis and then takes into consideration the individual and his skills.
Headhunting: Approaches used
Headhunting is all about using a personalised and direct approach for hunting the right individual. The recruitment here is usually for the top notch positions, so companies do not want to publicize the fact that their chair is vacant. Also the individuals who are hunted by these firms have impressive job profiles, so they also do not wish to reveal to one and all that they are looking for a job change. Hence, these firms maintain that factor of confidentiality for both the aspirants and the recruiters. The process remains under wraps until everything is finalised.
 executive search firms in india
Headhunting: cost
The firms charge their fees in the range of 30-35% of the annual compensation of the candidate who gets placed through them. The fees may vary in accordance with the size and infrastructure of the firm.

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